Josh Igoe’s Blog

I leverage my knowledge of the blockchain industry to help projects achieve their business goals. I spend my time investing and trading in crypto for the long-term and podcasting with cool people I meet along the way. I’ll share tips about how I look for good investments, trade the crypto markets, and all that good stuff in this blog too.

With decades of experience in digital media and the web, first making a successful membership site at 15 years old, I am an entrepreneur at heart. Bringing a concept from an idea into reality with the help of multiple stakeholders. In this blog, I will share my thoughts on the topics of product design and business strategy, marketing management and other topics within the context of digital transformation and agile/lean systems, and throughout these posts, I hope you gain something useful.

Blogging through my eclectic perspectives on Marketing, Poker, Blockchain, Crypto, Products, and Strategy, with my take on Business, Travel and Life, this blog is a creative outlet for my thoughts and to share interesting takes on various things I can review and recommend.

The common theme throughout my philosophy is adding value to others and being able to scale; by leveraging technology, or other people’s skills and other people’s energy, or utilizing other resources to help you achieve your personal goals in the most time-efficient manner possible – you can achieve great synergy and results.

Ultimately, my goal is to share extremely valuable and actionable high-quality content which makes a positive change to thousands of people around the world!

Josh Igoe, York, UK, Jul 30 2019 (Updated Daejeon, Korea Oct 2019)