Making Money Services


Step 1: Fundamentals, Strategy, and Mindset.

Step 2: Honestly appraise your own personal strengths and weaknesses, and give yourself a self-assessment SWOT analysis.

Step 3: Pick the right niche, find a market with a clear need and define it very precisely.

Step 4: Find people in that niche audience.

Step 5: Interview the people in that audience and discover their big problems.

Step 6: Research solutions and create an offer which solves their problems.

Step 7: Learn the skill of consulting. Take the client from A to B and show a new paradigm.

Step 8: Create a client “breakthrough ladder” so they are continuously satisfied.

Step 9: Schedule consulting sessions on coschedule or scheduleonce or another similar application and begin consulting. The early sessions you have with clients allow you to discover more about the key problem areas in the niche. Incorporate this knowledge into future offers to better serve your current and future clients going forward.

Step 10: Deliver results for the clients. Make sure you not only deliver but overdeliver and blow away the expectations of the clients so they want to continue to work with you and become repeat customers.

Step 11: Sell further consulting sessions with existing clients. Focus on increasing your sales and marketing efforts, and continuously keep building more precise campaigns to attract the right clients you can help the most with more updated and improved offers.

Step 12: Scale. Hire people to replace you on clearly defined tasks and focus your efforts on sales and marketing. Work on the business, not in the business.