Strategize. Adapt. Innovate. Envision. The Kolbe A-Type Test

Strategize. Adapt. Innovate. Envision. Those words became the headline for my site after taking the Kolbe test.

A rarely used word in the English language which really shouldn’t be so scarce in our daily use is “conative”.

Hell, while drafting this blog post my Google Dictionary extension didn’t recognize it.

Nobody knows what this word means.. until now!

Well, it turns out it is a word and quite a useful one. Read on to discover the secret hidden in plain sight.

We’re all fairly familiar with personality tests (such as Myers-Briggs) and cognitive tests (like Mensa and IQ tests). However, the third part of someone’s mind is known as the conative which describes what gives you motivation.

Another way to think about the three parts of your mind is in terms of Knowledge, Feels and Actions.

Cognitive tests tell you your critical reasoning skills and how sharp your intellect is – what you know. Personality tests tell you how you emotionally interact and what interests you – your feels. Conative tests, like Kolbe, claim to tell you about your instinctive talents and how you naturally take action.

I added emphasis to how you naturally take action because this is the crux of the test for me.

Knowing how you are naturally predisposed to tackle a problem allows you to approach it in a way that suits your own personality. Eliminating procrastination and allowing you to flow.

That’s the theory anyway.

I’d never heard of Kolbe before and I must confess I was fairly skeptical at first (thinking it could be the doorway to some kind of cult of personality like L. Ron Hubbz and his special friends).

I just stumbled upon it while down the YouTube rabbit hole.

As an entrepreneur personality (according to Myers-Briggs popularized by, I am extremely interested in business and constantly, almost obsessively, watch YouTube business and sales related channels and content.

One of the channels I was watching recently had a seminar on copywriting and throughout his talk, Ed Dale referenced the Kolbe test and how it really changed his life.

Here’s the full video:

His talk was great.

Like I usually do with good videos, I wrote down a bunch of notes in my notepad, and one thing stuck out I had never heard of before – Kolbe testing.

Must be bullshit, I thought, but the nag inside me began nagging.

Naturally, it didn’t take me too long to decide to go ahead and take the test anyway.

Just give it a go! You might learn something and if you don’t and it was bullshit then your initial instincts were right all along. Win-win!

My exact thoughts at the time

Sure enough, this natural predisposition to act on gut-instinct is something which was discovered by the Kolbe test itself.

My result looked confusing at first

Anyway, my results were pretty interesting to me and initially, I was pretty disappointed.

In my mind, I still hadn’t quite grasped what the difference between conative and personality testing was exactly.

I thought the results were half right and half wrong.

It was only after going through the answers with their explanations that I realized it was incredibly accurate and essentially describing clearly what I had long suspected about myself but had never had any kind of formal insight on before.

Some of my results:

How Kolbe suggests I allocate time

My do’s and don’ts

It was a good experience which I am glad I gave a chance – but then again after taking the test I guess that was always going to happen!

It gave me more clarity to act on my gut instincts. Never second guess myself and just go for it.

If you’re wondering about taking the test, then go ahead and do it.

Personally, it made sense for me and I will embrace the results along with the 16personalities test and the Mensa score I have – all in unison aligned on my path.

It’s time to go for my biggest dreams with nothing holding me back!